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Student Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern,

I was a student at Central New York Karate School from September 2001 through January 2003. I had to suspend my studies due to a variety of family and employment obligations, but hope to begin studying again at CNY Karate in the near future. I offered to write a testimonial because I sincerely believe it is an excellent karate school.

I studied karate for about a year at another school in Syracuse about 20 years ago. That school provided me with a good workout every class, a fair number of bruises and welts, and a feeling that I was somewhat tougher when I quit than when I started. I decided to get back into karate because I felt like I was getting old and out of shape. I visited CNY Karate because it was conveniently located and decided to do the month-long trial program to see if I liked it. I found the people to be very nice and the workouts were good, so I decided to join for a year.

I soon realized that CNY Karate was much different than the school I had previosly attended.The other school was about punching and kicking and being tough, but not much more. CNY Karate teaches those things in a more civil manner, plus much more. CNY Karate teaches in a logical progression that starts with developing fundamental techniques and understanding how muscle groups work together, and how the body functions. I achieved all of the physical gains I had hoped, such as increased strength, improved balance and flexibility, but I also grew as a person. I gained an appreciation for Japanese customs and learned to respect those around me a little more. CNY Karate teaches good basic life priciples, which is something that was entirely lacking from the other school I attended. At CNY Karate, every class was different; some were almost like work, which I believe everybody needs at times, and some were just pure fun. The instructors are all fantastic and they treat all students equally and respectfully. The other students are always helpful and the atmosphere is not a competitive one; I competed with myself but not others around me.

My enrollment at CNY Karate was a totally positive experience and I will study there again when I can devote more time to it. The opportunity to grow at CNY Karate is limited only by the time that one can spend at the dojo.


Richard F. Kopp, Ph.D.

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