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Strategic Vision

At CNY Karate, our goal is to remain the recognized source of high quality martial arts training and self-development. Instruction of the highest possible caliber, student and client service combined with our continuous effort to improve our educational programs insure our position as an institutional and instructional leader.

Our priority for over 45 years has been and will continue to be to provide the best possible Martial Arts education in our children, young adult, and adult programs. Using proven traditional martial arts training techniques coupled with universally accepted life skill principles, our programs develop the mind, the body, and the spirit. In addition, we hope to provide an environment that promotes discipline in one's self, fosters respect toward others, creates a sense of community and encourages a high state of physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Mission Statement

  • Provide quality traditional martial arts training for Children and Adults. All of our programs incorporate universally accepted life skill principles into our martial arts instruction.

  • Provide high quality instruction in traditional martial arts as well as promote and encourage, by example, the development of life skills and positive personal development.

  • Become a role model for all Martial Arts schools with similar goals and philosophies.

  • Make all students feel uniquely important and include parents/guardians (where applicable) into the instructional program. Keep parents/guardians informed about educational goals and student progress on a scheduled basis.

  • Create a successful business model in order to provide necessary resources to upgrade and maintain our facilities to the highest degree, educate instructors, replace worn instructional equipment, and provide innovational teaching materials and tools.

  • Create forums to seek or encourage input from instructors and assistants in the name of quality assurance as it relates to the Strategic Vision.


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