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Teaching Staff

Having a black belt alone does not make a qualified instructor.

In fact, only a small percentage of our black belts are selected to participate in our Instructor Training Program and actually teach classes. Our instructors are carefully selected for their martial arts skills and ability to effectively communicate their knowledge to students of all ages.

On average, our instructors have 10 years of karate teaching experience and have gone through an Instructor Training Program to become certified. So that you get the finest martial arts training, CNY Karate makes sure that our instructors are continuously upgrading their martial arts and teaching skills through advanced training.

Our children's class instructors are specialists in stages of child development and ensuring that each child gets the personal attention they need to maximize their potential. While other schools often rely on teenage instructors, we do not have children teaching other children. Each class is run by a mature professional who is uniquely qualified to teach children. Children's instructors are well versed in all aspects of our physical curriculum in addition to our Character Development program.

Our adult class instructors are very seasoned martial artists who are great at helping people set personal developmental goals and then ensuring that the individual has the tools to achieve those goals.

Each Central New York Karate & Kobudo instructor cares about your progress and will work with you to help you get what you want out of your martial arts training.


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