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Karate Etiquette

Karate training at CNY Karate follows the traditional Okinawan manner. The following are general rules of etiquette at the dojo.

  • No shoes on the wooden floor/training area
  • Your gi (uniform) should be kept clean and worn for all classes
  • For safety reasons, please remove all jewelry, watches, etc. before class.
  • Before entering or leaving class, please bow. This is a show of respect for your teacher, other students and our artform. It is similar to a handshake or military salute.
  • If you are watching class or any dojo event, please sit quietly.
  • Address Mr. Labbate as Sensei.
  • Address all students as Mr., Miss, or Mrs. in a respectful manner.
  • Promotions are not automatic - students will be formally tested for every rank. Students will be tested for rank upon recommendation. No students will place themselves up for a promotion test.

At the Start of Class

Okinawan culture places great importance on respect for one's teacher and seniority in general.

Students line up in a straight row in order of rank, from right to left. The instructor will then lead students as they recite the student creed. Upon the teacher's command, students kneel together (seiza). After a brief period of quiet meditation (mokusu) to clear the mind, everyone bows to the instructor (rei), or to Sensei (Sensei ni rei).

During Class

Please respect your instructor and your fellow students by not talking or asking questions, unless invited to by your instructor.

If your gi or belt needs adjusting, it is polite to wait during a break in training, then turn 180 degrees to adjust.

If you are late for class, wait behind the immediate training area until directed to join the class by your instructor.

End of Class

At the end of class, the instructor will direct students to form a straight line and assume the seiza position. After a few moments of quiet meditation, the instructor will share updates or other dojo-related news. Then, everyone will bow to the front and to the instructor before leaving the training floor.


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